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About Us About Us

My name is Eva and I came to the United States 13 years ago from Europe. It’s been an interesting experience for me here. I have an MBA in marketing. I tried pursuing many different professions but none of them were in a field where my true passion lies.

I would consider myself a skin and hair care enthusiast and I am always looking to be the first to find out about the newest products and trends. I love sampling and buying health and beauty items every chance I get.

I follow many celebrities and influencers on Instagram around the world. A great deal of them is from my home country Russia. One of the products these celebrities and influencers from Russia were mentioning was Xiaomoxuan Tea Tree hair mask. They were saying amazing things about it. After doing some research about the product and verifying it was 100% organic, I needed to try this mask for myself.

After ordering it online, I tried it out for myself. I was so impressed with the results. I decided to contact Xiaomoxuan directly and ask for permission to import this product line to the United States. After many discussions, they decided to put their trust in me to launch their product on electronic platforms here in the United States.

I am excited to bring this brand to you to try it for yourself. You are going to love everything about the Xiaomoxuan line.

About Us