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Check yourself. Do you wash your hair properly?

Check yourself. Do you wash your hair properly?
What woman doesn't dream of beautiful hair? Do you know that beautiful hair is a joint work of the master and yours? The hairdresser makes a haircut. Performs hair coloring. Restores your hair with special salon treatments. Your task is to maintain the result with home care. There are no trifles in this. Every step counts. Home care begins with washing your hair. Do you wash your hair correctly? Check yourself. The first step is to remove the matted hair with your hands and comb it with a large tooth comb. You need to start combing your hair from the ends. Don't pull your hair out. This destroys the integrity of the cuticle, the top protective layer of the hair. When you comb your hair, we partially remove the styling products and dust from the surface. In the second step, you wet your hair well. Keep all hair wet. Water is an activator and assistant for shampoo. We collect a small amount of shampoo in the palm of your hand. The amount of shampoo depends on the thickness and length of the hair. We distribute the shampoo in the palms with a little water. Apply the mixture to the length and ends of your hair. Distribute over all hair. Don't wash your hair like raccoons. All hand movements along the hair, from roots to ends. If the shampoo does not foam, add water. Soak the shampoo on the hair for two to three minutes and rinse with water. Putting the shampoo back into the palm of your hand. Foaming a little. Using your fingertips, spread the mixture onto the scalp. We cleanse the scalp with light massage movements. Spread the foam over the hair shaft. After two or three minutes, wash off with plenty of water. Rinse the scalp thoroughly. We wring out the hair. No need to curl your hair. If you have very porous hair, you can dry it with a towel. Next, we type the conditioner into the palm of your hand. Distribute in the palms and apply to the length and ends of the hair. Hand movement along the hair shaft. We do not apply conditioner to the scalp. Don't put any pressure on your hair. The fingers work like a comb. Leave the air conditioner on for three to five minutes. For the best effect, you can wear a shower cap. Rinse the conditioner off your hair thoroughly. A nourishing hair mask can and should be applied about twice a week. The method of applying the mask is the same as for the conditioner. The holding time is ten fifteen minutes. In this case, I recommend wearing a hat without fail. This extra warmth for deep penetration of the mask into the hair. We wash off with water. We wring out the hair with our hands and then with a towel, without curling the hair. In this state, the hair is vulnerable, there is a high probability of damaging the hair, cuticle, mechanically. The hair will become damaged, it will lose its shine, there will be no shape, the styling will not hold. The water should be comfortable. We avoid hot and cold water. This negatively affects the scalp. After these steps, you can start drying or styling your hair with a hairdryer. Whether you use a hairdryer or not is up to you. Everyone has their own opinions. I will share my vision in the next article.