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Fairy Brush by Xiaomoxuan


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Xiaomoxuan Fairy Brush for Scalp and Hair

Fairy Brush is the new standard in hair care brought to you by Xiaomoxuan. Fairy Brush provides styling and gentle detangling without breakage.

It can be used on wet or dry hair of all lengths and textures. It’s ideal for evenly applying hair care products and treatments in the shower.

Three hundred seventy flexible nylon bristles provide an excellent head massage - much better than your ordinary brush. It stimulates scalp blood flow and awakens hair follicles, which helps improve hair growth. Every wash brings pleasant sensations, leaving your hair full of vitality.

Fairy Brush is perfectly portable and can easily fit even in small-sized purses. Its unique design features a pearl finish with a clover flower accent. The custom-made stand allows you to store the brush in style on any surface. Due to its wear-resistant material, this brush is built to last longer than your average comb.

Fairy brush is ideal for those who strive to have lush and manageable hair. Kids love it too,  since it gently loosens the knots without pulling or tearing. 

Weight: 300 g (10.6 ounces)

Dimensions: 265mm x 100mm x 75mm

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