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Interesting facts about hair.

Interesting facts about hair.
Our hair is quite an interesting thing. When we brush our hair in the mornings, we don't even think about how durable they are, how many of them we have... And in general, we usually think about them only when we choose shampoo or do our hairstyle. However, it's not that simple! There is a lot to be told about hair, especially since people managed to study it properly only thanks to the development of science and, in particular, the invention of microscopes. Hair follicles consist of 6 layers. The shape of the follicles directly affects whether you have straight, slightly curly or curly. The hair itself consists of 3 layers, in the outer part of which it is formed by keratin scales, which are superimposed on each other. Its own fat lubricant, which sometimes makes hair shine, includes an antiseptic that helps the body fight foreign microorganisms. The living part of the hair is under the skin surface. The visible part is already dead. The process of hair loss is completely normal, as old hair is replaced by new ones. At any given time, approximately 93% of all human head hair is in the growth phase. On average, a person has 90,000 to 150,000 hair on his head. There are 200 to 460 hair per square centimeter of skull surface. Redhead people usually have more hair than hair holders of any other color. There are three hair colors in total - brunettes, blondes and redheads, but there are about 300 shades. Hair often becomes evidence found at the crime scene. However, despite the fact that they can learn a lot about its owner, it is impossible to determine his gender in this way. After studying the hair, experts can determine whether a person has recently used drugs. In total, there are about 5 million hair bulbs on the human body. Most of them are cannon hair, covering almost the entire body. Hair bulbs in people form about the fifth month of embryo development in the mother's womb. Wet hair becomes heavier and lengthens by 15-30% compared to dry hair. The least red-haired people in the world are less than 2%. The most redheads, by the way, live in Scotland and Ireland. The most common hair color on Earth is black. On average, about 20 hair grows from one hair bulb throughout a person's life. Among all tissues in the human body, only the bone marrow grows faster than hair. The officially recorded hair length record is 6.8 meters.